Why are patients with diabetes also diagnosed with high blood pressure?

Research reveals that 65% of those who have diabetes also had to be treating high blood pressure

Do you also agree with the research findings that those who are diagnosed with high blood sugar after sometime end up also developing high blood pressure at the same time. 

It has actually been observed from people dealing with Diabetes that after about some years of managing this ailment they end up later having to also manage high B.P

  • Why is this so?
  • What connection or relationship exist between High blood glucose and High blood pressure?
  • At what point could Diabetes lead to an elevated blood pressure?
  • What risk factors and symptoms do these two ailments share in common?
  • And how can a Diabetic patient prevent him or herself from developing high blood pressure while trying to manage diabetes?

What connection and link exist between the two diseases?

Should you be wondering if it is actually possible for someone dealing with diabetes to also develop high blood pressure.

I can tell you for a fact that it is actually possible , cases of diabetic patients over the years have confirmed it to be possible, besides a articles containin medical experimental research that confirms tis to be actually possible.

Did you know? 


Are you aware that both High blood pressure and Diabetes have some similar causative features?

👉 Sedentary lifestyles ( Lack of activeness or exercise)

👉 Obesity

👉 Inflammation

👉 Oxidative stress

👉 Insulin Resistance

All these are health conditions peculiar to both diabetes and hypertension. 

If you ask me , incase you don’t know before now that – Can diabetes lead to hypertension?  The answer is absolute yes , and here is why and how.

Bear in mind that a diabetic patient has either insufficient insulin  to regulate sugar in the blood or suffers from insulin resistance.

Therefore when this glucose settles down in the bloodstream instead  of being used by cells , this situation  causes severe damage to tissues and organs on the long run which in turn badly affects the pressure of blood.

When a person is being affected by these two diseases , severe complication sets in which include cardiovascular or heart related diseases and kidney disease. 

Other complications are Eye problems, Kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.

So are you beginning to see how High blood pressure and diabetes are interwoven? and how a person who initially has diabetes can resort to high  blood pressure if not careful.

So how can you prevent this occurence?


  • Endeavor having a healthy weight
  • Have a health diet plan
  • Maintain good physical exercise routine
  • Avoid smoking
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Lastly ensure you take your medications regularly particularly for the control of  blood sugar.

Alot of  diabetic patients are beginning to become fed up with Blood sugar medications or even insulin intake due to side effects and ineffectiveness after awhile.

They conclude that it only manages it for a meantime and they actually want what would completely eradicate it from their system.

The goodnews is there is a new remedy that works very well and has been confirmed to be effective and potent by those who have been offered this new remedy.

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